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What does each repair consist of?
We calibrate, repair, replace and/or supply parts; lubricate and clean the unit for the flat rate of $99. Each repaired unit also receives a Repair Certificate stating what we did on the repair and the date of the repair. We also add a calibration sticker on each repaired unit.
What is the cost for a repair? $99 for everything. This includes the Hand Dynamometer, Pinchmeter and Force Gauge. If, for whatever reason, your force gauge would cost more (replacement of a certain part), we will inform you of the cost before performing the repair.
What else do you repair? We repair all makes and models of the Hand Dynamometer and Pinchmeter. We also repair force gauges, fat calipers, bulb dynamometers, back, leg and chest dynamometers. Feel free to contact us if you have an instrument not mentioned. There is a chance we can either repair it or find someone who can. Please refer to our Price List page for the costs involved.
What if my unit is beyond repair? There is no charge if we cannot repair your instrument. We will inform you why the unit was not repairable. We do sell new instruments at competitive prices to replace your broken unit. Please contact us.
Is there a repair warranty? Yes. We have a 30 day repair warranty. Unless your unit was dropped or damaged at your facility, we will repair your unit at no charge within the 30 days.
How often should I get my unit repaired? Once a year. We will send you a yearly reminder once your instrument has been repaired by us.
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